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Ford Brody, a Navy bomb expert, has just reunited with his family in San Francisco when he is forced to go to Japan to help his estranged father, Joe. Soon, both men are swept up in an escalating crisis when an ancient alpha predator arises from the sea to combat malevolent adversaries that threaten the survival of humanity. The creatures leave colossal destruction in their wake, as they make their way toward their final battleground: San Francisco.

Rating: PG-13 (Intense Seq. of Destruction|Creature Violence|Mayhem)
Genre: Sci-fi, Action, Adventure
Original Language: English
Director: Gareth Edwards
Producer: Thomas Tull, Jon Jashni, Mary Parent, Brian Rogers
Writer: Max Borenstein
Release Date (Theaters): May 16, 2014 Wide
Release Date (Streaming): Aug 26, 2014
Box Office (Gross USA): $200.7M
Runtime: 2h 3m
Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures
Production Co: Legendary Pictures
Sound Mix: Datasat, Dolby Digital
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