Insomnia S01 (Episode 4 – 6 Added)

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Insomnia S01 (Episode 4 - 6 Added) 1
It follows Emma Averill, who fears she might be losing her mind, when her hard-won dream life starts to turn into a nightmare. A couple of weeks before her fortieth birthday Emma stops sleeping — just as her mother had done right before she suffered a violent psychotic breakdown on the night of her own fortieth birthday.


Filename: Insomnia S01E01 [].mkv 
Filesize: 63.10 MB
Duration: 47 Mins
Imdb: –
Title: Insomnia
Year: 2024
Type: Series
Country: UK
Language: Englisg
Genre: Drama
Stars: Vicky Mcclure, Tom Cullen, India Fowler, Leanne Best
Total Episodes: 6
Status: ongoing
Subtitle: English



Insomnia S01 (Episode 4 - 6 Added) 2

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