Fighting for Love (2024) Season 1 (Episode 11 – 12) – Chinese Drama

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A Mai, the daughter of a Nanxia official, is out for blood after her family was killed by her childhood sweetheart Chen Qi. Having grown into a young woman, she disguises herself as a man and wanders the lands to seek revenge. During a chance encounter, A Mai rescues Shang Yizhi, the son of the Crown Princess, and helps him out of many predicaments. Their fates have been intertwined ever since. When war broke out, A Mai joined the military. She moved up from a foot soldier to a commander due to her marvelous achievements. At the same time, Shang Yizhi has been struggling to survive as he is being hunted down. A Mai assists him in turning the tide. Meanwhile, she also has repeated encounters with the enemy general Chang Yu Qing in the battlefield. Through unexpected events, their paths cross again and they experience life and death together. In the face of the cruelties of the times, A Mai must make a decision for the sake of her country.

Filename: Fighting for Love S01E01 [thedeal-movie.com].mkv
Filesize: 113.38 MB
Duration: 60 Mins
IQIYI: https://www.iqiyi.com/v_21lp0kksvk0.html
Title: Fighting for Love
Year: 2024
Type: TVSeries
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Genre: Action, Historical, Romance, War
Stars: Strong Female Lead, General Female Lead, Disguised As A Man, Revenge, Adapted From A Novel,
Total Episodes: 35
Status: 10
Subtitle: English

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