Man-eating Shark (2023) | Download Chinese Movie

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A group of poachers hunted sharks indiscriminately on the high seas, angering the great white shark, and the poachers died in the shark’s mouth. In turn, the great white shark focuses on the five friends on the yacht celebrating graduation, so the five of them fought fiercely with the great white shark. Between life and death, only the idea of ​​escaping from the shark’s mouth and returning to the shore can continue to support them…

Translated as man-eating shark
Filename: White Shark (2023) [].mkv
Title Man-eating Shark
Era 2023
Made in Mainland China
Category Thriller/Disaster
Language Mandarin Chinese
Hardcoded English-Chinese characters in subtitles
Release date 2023-08-23 (Mainland China)
The length of the film is 72 minutes
Director Joshua Chan
Actor Chen Xinzhe Xin Zer Tan

Man-eating Shark (2023) | Download Chinese Movie

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